Melton Toyota Lifecycle Check-Up

Cars are expensive items, so it makes sense to help you understand where your vehicle is at it in terms of its current value and future costs, to help you decide when the most financially beneficial time to consider changing your vehicle might be.

Lifecycle Check-Up is Quick and Easy

Best time to change your vehicle

Best time to change your vehicle

Our Lifestyle Check-up helps you understand where your vehicle is at in it’s lifecycle. This includes your vehicle’s residual value, projected future costs (once capped price servicing expires), as well as current vehicle repayments. With this information, we can help you decide when the most financially beneficial time to consider changing or upgrading may be.

Upgrading may be cheaper than you think

Upgrading may be cheaper than you think

Often, people don’t even realise that upgrading to that bigger model, or new-spec vehicle with Toyota Access may even lower their vehicle repayments! With TSA Capped Price Servicing and the decreased running costs of a new model vehicle, swapping into a new vehicle has never been more attainable!

What is Toyota Access?

You could trade in your old model for the very latest model for the same, or lower, regular monthly repayments* with Toyota Access. Toyota Access is a loan that gives you a fixed interest rate, locked repayments, and a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)^ on your new Toyota.

Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)

Right from the start of your loan, you’ll know your Toyota’s GFV and this amount is equal to the final payment due at the end of the loan. It also means your regular, monthly loan repayments over the loan term are kept low.

What happens at the end of my loan?

When your Toyota Access loan term ends, it’s up to you what you do next. You can trade in your Toyota for a new one, keep it by settling the remaining loan balance (including the final payment) or return it. If you decide to return your Toyota, then Toyota Finance will put the GFV towards the remaining balance on your loan.

Insurance Solutions

Melton Toyota is here for you with a range of personal and business insurance solutions.

Imagine the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. Could you afford costly repairs, or replacing your vehicle altogether?

With Toyota Insurance we understand that your vehicle is a critical part of your life. You can choose from two levels of motor vehicle cover - Comprehensive, or Third Party, Fire and Theft.

Our Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance policy will replace your Toyota if it is a total loss, so long as it is less than 3 years old and it has travelled less than 100,000kms. If your vehicle is not a Toyota we will replace it with a new vehicle of the same make and model if it becomes a total loss within the first 12 months of its registration as a new vehicle.

In addition, for all Toyota vehicles covered by the policy, we provide a Genuine Toyota parts guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on all repairs, provided you remain the owner of the vehicle.

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